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SUNDAY MORNINGS: 9:30 - 10:30
lasses cover a variety of topics, and are an excellent opportunity to make connections and get to know people better.
You are free to join in the discussion at any time.



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Sunday morning class Begins January 12, 2020


 Facilitator: Reverend Robin Haruna


Based on the book by Brené Brown (See link to this book at right column), this class will focus on ten specific spiritual practices as well as Unity’s spiritual tools of Denial (releasing or letting go of what doesn’t work) and Affirmation. Topics will include cultivating authenticity and letting go of what people think; self-compassion and letting go of perfectionism; gratitude and joy and letting go of fear; intuition and faith; creativity; letting go of anxiety, self-doubt, and “supposed to”, and cultivating laughter, song, and dance.
Suggestions for optional creative activities,
such as visual journaling will be provided.

All are welcome to join in this class/discussion facilitated by Reverend Robin. Attending class is a great way to get to know people better in a relaxed and interactive setting. Please join us at any time!

 Classes are offered by donation.


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