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SUNDAY MORNINGS: 9:30 - 10:30
lasses cover a variety of topics, and are an excellent opportunity to make connections and get to know people better.
You are free to join in the discussion at any time.


Class Schedules:

"Practical Metaphysics" runs through June 24     (See Details Below)

"INTRODUCTION TO SPIRAL DYNAMICS" with Reverend E.J. Niles, July 8-29    (See Details Below)


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Starting April 15

"Practical Metaphysics" runs through June 24

Text: Practical Metaphysics, by Eric Butterworth
Explore new paths to health, love, prosperity, and peace of mind with this new book from the beloved Unity minister, Eric Butterworth. Awaken your divine nature and learn to live a happier life through new insights from the author of the classic Discover the Power Within You, as well as activities and meditations he created for increased spiritual awareness and living a more centered life.

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The Story of Practical Metaphysics

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July 8-29       with Reverend E.J. Niles

In has been only in the last few decades that we have been able to see how far we have come in our psychological and spiritual evolution as human beings. Information from archaeology, anthropology, psychology and genetics have given rise to a number of development models.

This class is an overview of Spiral Dynamics, a model that includes the history of our evolution, both as individuals and as society. It gives us a framework to become more aware of who we are and why we are here by showing how we have



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April 15 ~ May

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