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SUNDAY MORNINGS: 9:30 - 10:30
lasses cover a variety of topics, and are an excellent opportunity to make connections and get to know people better.
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Starting April 15

"Practical Metaphysics"

Text: Practical Metaphysics, by Eric Butterworth
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Explore new paths to health, love, prosperity, and peace of mind with this new book from the beloved Unity minister, Eric Butterworth. Awaken your divine nature and learn to live a happier life through new insights from the author of the classic Discover the Power Within You, as well as activities and meditations he created for increased spiritual awareness and living a more centered life.
The book, compiled by Mark Hicks and edited by Michael A. Maday, is based on a collection of lectures taken from Butterworth’s popular class, A Course in Practical Metaphysics.
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The Story of Practical Metaphysics

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