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July 12 2020


" The Power of Spiritual STRENGTH "


by Reverend Robin B. Haruna


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" The Power of Spiritual STRENGTH "


July 12, 2020

Spiritual Strength is our capacity to stand undaunted in the midst of shifting circumstances; to act courageously, and to stay the course; to stay in integrity and not compromise our principles.  Strength shows up as quietness, inner confidence, and the ability to keep centered.


Location: small of back & spinal cord

Color: Light green like the spring leaves rising from roots


Our spiritual ability of Strength includes:

Stability—balance; rooted, grounded; anchored to firm foundation of calm.


Courage—ability to speak your mind by telling all of what is on your heart; to be who you are, wherever you may be, and with whomever is around you.


Being a Non-anxious Presence—remain calm, cool, assess situation holistically, offer effective, helpful perspectives, solutions. The ability to infect the environment with ease, grace, and benevolence.


Flexibility—ability to respond to a situation moment by moment; to bend and not break; nonresistance.


It takes strength to hang on—and to let go.








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