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December 09 2018


“ A Wonderful Life: Angels ”


Reverend Robin Haruna


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A Wonderful Life: Angels
December 09, 2018
Angel: a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe.
(Oxford Dictionary)
Clarence Odbody AS2—George’s guardian angel has not yet earned his wings. He is frumpy, inept, uncertain, and bumbling and yet we sense that he has a heart of gold.

Angel = messenger of God; appear in the form of light or divine intelligence, inspirational thoughts, intuition, and understanding. Angels guard and direct.

Angels appear in many forms—from glorious heavenly angels to earth angels, from mysterious strangers to helpful animals, and mostly as ordinary human beings who generously help others.
Angels are recognized not so much by their appearance,
but by the words they whisper to our heart

Some angel messages include:
Don’t be afraid
   What have you been called to do in life that you didn’t feel up to?
   Who has offered you encouragement when you didn’t know if you were in the right place?
   Have you ever been so terrified that you couldn’t see that the answer— “good news” is right before you?

You are loved—and you are a blessing to the world.

I’ve got your back—when life blindsides us, angels are there for us without complaint. Angels recognize the goodness, even the greatness, in us, especially during moments we’re not willing or able to see it.
















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