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June 09 2019


The Lazarus Blueprint: REMOVING OBSTACLES


Reverend Robin Haruna



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Sunday Message followed by Meditation


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" The Lazarus Blueprint: REMOVING OBSTACLES "
June 9, 2019



In your quest for Truth, don't stop short with simply being entertained or pacified by peace-of-mind platitudes. Truth should disturb you, challenge you deeply. It should ignite sparks within you, set fires under you, stir up your enthusiasm. Eric Butterworth

Divine Love and Wisdom don’t buy into criticism, blame, and shoulda, coulda, woulda, if only…. Focus on what is before you; surround yourself with supportive people.

The obstacle is not another person or external condition. It is a mindset, a strong belief, habit, attitude, or memory that is choking off your life force.

Sometimes “the stench” has to be confronted before something extraordinary emerges in life. Anger, resentment, deeply-rooted attitudes and beliefs hide in shadow areas of your soul. Bring them to light.

To identify the obstacle: sit quietly several minutes each day; with sincere desire allow your heart and subconscious mind to speak. Become willing to forgive.

Formulate a powerful statement that reflects your heartfelt desire to heal: “I am worthy of love, respect, and happiness.” “I forgive you. I forgive me.” “Past memories cannot hurt me.”

What is your typical response when confronted with the prospect of something emerging?
-Are you reluctant, preferring to stick with certainty?
-Are you bold, courageously exploring unknown possibilities?

Seek and you will find. What you find will disturb you. What disturbs you will open you to awe and wonder. Then you will reign over your world. Gospel of Thomas, verse 2




















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