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December 10 2017


The Spirit & Soul of Christmas 2


Reverend Robin Haruna



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The Spirit & Soul of Christmas 2

December 10 2017

As we review the Christmas story we must remember that everything is allegorical as well as mystical. Everything in our lives too is an allegory of our own souls.

The life of Jesus is a dramatization of the Christed soul,

 the soul which has chosen the spiritual path.  -Emmet Fox




This is a story about the evolution of consciousness.  The process is not automatic; it depends on the scope of our vision and devotion to opening our heart.


No room at the inn is a state of consciousness. In all our lives, there comes a day that the world says “there is no room in the inn.” We feel that we have been turned away. Or our consciousness may be too filled with worldly concerns to give birth to spiritual awareness.


In the stable, we realize that we’re not in control; we learn humility and we become genuinely open and vulnerable.


In the manger of our heart, we find quiet and safety. Daily spiritual practice, meditation, prayer, enjoyment of nature, music or art, away from the busyness of life, prepares room for spiritual birth.


The stars remind us of the unlimited possibilities of the vastness within; it’s not a process of human reasoning.


Angels are to be grasped with the spiritual imagination, they bring spiritual ideas and messages of Truth. They are recognized by the words and music they whisper to our hearts: Don’t be afraid...I’ve got your back.





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