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Sunday Message

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August 19 2018

NEW THOUGHT: Our Family Tree

Reverend Robin Haruna


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Sunday Message followed by Meditation


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NEW THOUGHT: Our Family Tree

August 19, 2018


Who has gone before you to whom you can be grateful?

How can you live your life to contribute to the world?


3 Outlooks in 1st half of 19th Century America:

-Orthodox Christianity—we are sinners

-Unitarian—strong, liberal reaction against rigid tradition; stressed power of “reason”

-Transcendentalism—supremacy of mind over matter and role of intuition; included Emerson and Thoreau

Some of our spiritual ancestors include:


-Emanuel Swedenborg –interpreted Bible spiritually; correlation between science and religion


-Anton Mesmer—a mysterious energetic force that can cure disease; explored other levels of consciousness, especially the subconscious mind


-Phineas Parkhurst Quimby—put forth idea that thought and prayer can and do directly affect health


-Warren Felt Evans—practiced and taught principles of mental healing; first to write of this new healing idea


-Mary Baker Eddy—convinced illness could be healed through awakened thought brought about by clearer perception of God ; founder, Christian Science


-Emma Curtis Hopkins— “teacher of teachers”; founded College of Metaphysical Science


-Nona Brooks & Malinda Cramer—Divine Science (1899)


-Ernest Holmes—Religious Science/Science of Mind; Centers for Spiritual Living (1927)


-Charles & Myrtle Fillmore—Unity (1889)




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